What I write

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My writing is all over the place.

I’ve written one feature film screenplay (two, actually, but the second was a commission and a nightmare and sort of imploded) and one short script I ended up shooting with friends. A children’s pantomime, possibly my best work to date – certainly the most satisfying.  A number of stories that are too long to be proper short stories and too short to qualify as novellas. Some poetry that I keep private. Morning pages. Irregular posts in three blogs. Currently I am working on the re-write of half a novel, and have ideas for two more – at least one of which I might also try as a screenplay. My stories come as action, romance, dystopia, enviromental thriller and magic realism. Oh, and I write in two languages, English (mostly) and German (sometimes).

All over the place.

The experts say that as a writer you should choose your format and your genre. How else can you become really good? And that seems sound advice. But what if you have so many ideas that are all suited for different formats? As long as I am no “pro”, in the sense of getting a more or less regular income from my writing, can’t I just write all sorts of stuff and see where that gets me…? How else can I find out what I am really good at?

I do realize that I need to focus my writing more. Perhaps look at my short stories and see if I can turn them into novels or screenplays. Try to home in on one or two genres. What I don’t subscribe to is that I have to choose between either novels or screenplays. I love the challenges and possibilities of both. Perhaps – hopefully? – as I continue to write in both formats, one will become “my” format. And I might find “my” genre.

Until it does and I do, I guess I’ll keep writing all over the place.



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2 responses to “What I write

  1. I have the same issue, Vera – too many ideas for too many genres! I think there will always be a type of story you are drawn to in books and on the screen, though. I think I need to write one of those, because that’s what I love the most. The tricky part is nailing such a concept/story in the first place!

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