Why I write

Just another  #wpad blog challenge post.

Picking up from yesterday, i.e. the question “what do I write” and my answer “my writing is all over the place”. Actually, my writing reflects my life. “All over the place” is a pretty good way to describe me. Many skills and talents, if you’ll forgive me for singing my own praise, a somewhat chequered career, starting new projects all the time.  But what I realize more and more, especially in a currently rather difficult personal situation with too much illness in my close family, is that whatever I do, whatever new thing I try, I always return to my writing. It demands my attention, and in return it gives me comfort. Being with other writers – due to my location usually only virtually, thank goodness for online writing communities! – makes me feel good and “fulfilled”, more than that: it makes me feel this is where I belong.

Sure, I want others to read my stories. But it’s not for fame – on the contrary, I often think that if I ever get published, I may want to use a pen name. (Partly that’s because I am a bit of a coward and want to be spared scathing or worse, noncommittal reviews –  or anger from people who recognize themselves in my fictional characters!) No, it’s for the sake of sharing my stories, hoping that they will offer my readers a few hours of escape into a different world. I want to entertain – and what’s wrong with a bit of panem et circenses?

Speaking of escape, that is another big reason why I write. I escape into my own stories. I create characters I would like to meet. They have adventures I would like to have. They live in worlds I would like to live in (well, usually at least, and if they don’t, they still make something worthwhile out of it). They do what I don’t dare do.

Another “why” is my love for words and language. A well-crafted phrase, a poetic image, an unusual and/or quirky expression will paint a big smile on my face when I read them – Shakespeare does it all the time – and I love those rare moments when I come up with a little gem of my own.

But above all, when I write, I can get lost. Writing can make me happy. Writing offers me friendship and understanding, from my fictional characters and from fellow writers.

Writing is where I belong.



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3 responses to “Why I write

  1. And I enjoy reading it!
    For me, with or without an audience the value of writing is an art, one way finding my voice. I treat writing like music or enjoying a nice red. I don’t make time for it everyday but when it seems right I enjoy the colour, taste and sensations. Reading on the other hand is rarely in marathons, unless I’m on holidays, and goes down like a tequila slammer.

  2. Yes, getting lost in characters and story is wonderful. I enjoyed reading this. I was talking to a friend about writing the darker side of life and we struggled with that especially as we are both Christian so there are certain things we would worry about people we know seeing so a pen name would help! Anyway, I love escaping into other worlds whether you read or write about them. Great post.

    • I hope I will have the courage to stand behind everything I write, whether dark or light. Obviously I don’t want to hurt anybody, but if I base a character on someone I know, or if I propose views that I know will clash with their beliefs, then I want to be able do so with respect – and sign my name to it.

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