Just another  #wpad blog challenge post.

When I started writing, with a smashing high-concept script quite a few years ago now, my aspirations where timidly huge. That is to say, I dreamed of making it big, selling my script for a six-figure sum and then settling into the anonymous comfort of a successful screenwriter – but I could not actually imagine myself achieving that, or anything near it. It was a dream, albeit one I worked hard for: studying, attending workshops, networking, oh and writing.

shoot for the moon

One of the notes pinned above my desk at that time said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.” And that kept me going for quite a while. Perhaps at least I would get to a point where I could produce a modest income from my writing, something to supplement the family budget.

But over the years, as I realized just how difficult it is to break into the market, whether book or film, I became somewhat disillusioned. I never lost my love for writing, but I did lose some of the drive. My aspirations shrank, or perhaps it is more accurate to say they were pushed aside by (perceived) necessities. I was not going to make it, I’d better look for something else to which to apply my powers of the pen.

So I found a job as editor of my kids’ school’s publications. When that job fell victim to budget cuts, I decided to follow my other passion, protecting the environment, and embarked upon postgraduate studies with a view to become a “climate communicator” – in other words, use my writing for the greater good of mankind. Um, planetkind.

110513 Yangtze drought 01

That is one thing I aspire to now. Raise awareness and effect positive change. (Just in case you’re interested, that’s what I try in my other blog “sneezetheday” – you can find the link on the right.)

And yet… I blame it on this #wpad challenge. The moment I started writing again for the sake of writing, more or less, it took over again. That dream to make it as an author. To create worlds and characters that entertain and move readers.

The aspiration to earn my living by telling stories.



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2 responses to “Aspirations

  1. I also get disillusioned but like you I get pulled back into writing. It won’t go away. That must mean something surely. Enjoying your posts.

  2. thenorthernscribbler

    Never give up on your dreams – no matter how long it takes xx

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