Where I Write

#wpad blog challenge, day 10.

I have two writing locations, depending on how well my scribbling is progressing.

If things are going well, the temptation to hang up the washing or rearrange the cellar shelves is less strong, and then I stay at home and huddle over the desk in my study. I love this room – I call it my aquarium, the walls are blue-green, very soothing but bright and cheerful enough to keep me going.


The big advantage of writing at home is that I can spread my index cards all over the floor…


… or play around with mind maps.


But this usually only works during “good” phases. Often I think I should be doing something useful to justify my existence, and then the washing machine beckons. Or worse, especially when I feel stuck, major online distractions are just a click away. When this goes on for more than say, two days, I pack my laptop, saddle my bike and zoom to the municipal library in the neighbouring town.

I wish I had a picture of that, too – it is a wonderful place. Fairly quiet but there is some life going on in the background, which if it gets too much I can always shut out by plugging in my headphones. Yes, there is some distraction in the shape of books, books and more books (and a fabulous DVD collection), but I never spend too much time wandering around the shelves, and occasionally I will see a title that triggers a new idea. I can go online but it is a bit of an effort – internet is available only at special computers and you pay. Not much, but enough to keep me from going online every five minutes. The library staff know me well by now, and there is always a friendly smile waiting for me.

Oh, and they make the best cappuccino within a 25 km radius. Who needs Starbucks!


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