Stationery: friend or foe?

 Just another #wpad blog challenge post.

Stationary? Love it! Have too much of it, collect it and then don’t use it because I feel guilty for using paper and killing trees.

I assume we are talking about notebooks and writing by hand. Notebooks, ah, don’t get me started. A couple of small moleskins for jotting down ideas always travel with me – one for a current project, one for snippets I encounter in the supermarket, on the train etc. Then there are the bigger versions in the desk drawer at home, usually one per project. And one for future ideas. And one for poetry. And whatever. And they all  at least partly duplicate the folders in my laptop… idiotic, really, and one way to procrastinate. But I have to have both, dawdle around on paper and then try to make sense of it on the keyboard.

A waste of time, this duplication? A foe? No, not really. I think better when I  fool around on paper. So definitely friend.

But the environmentalist in me feels guilty.



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2 responses to “Stationery: friend or foe?

  1. Don’t feel guilty – paper is biodegradable and renewable, and using your notebooks doesn’t consume electricity (during daylight hours) so not a simple “digital good/paper bad” argument. Been enjoying this series btw 🙂

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