Writing Mascot

Yet another #wpad blog challenge.

I don’t really have a writing mascot. However, friend once gave me a stone that is shaped to fit exactly in the palm of my hand. He said there is a Japanese tradition of using these stones as writing mascots, or something along these lines, but I have not researched that yet. Perhaps now is the time to do that?!


It is lovely to hold, but the problem with this stone is that I can only “use” it when writing long-hand… and I do 90% of my writing on the keyboard. (The problem with this picture is that it makes my hand look terribly old!)

However, whenever I look up from my keyboard, this postcard looks back at me:

damn the coppers

The thought bubble says, “Damn! The coppers!”

It’s not inspirational, like the other postcards and drawings that surround my desk. But it always makes me grin. So I guess it is a bit of a mascot.


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