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#wpad blog challenge, day 15.

There are so many “writer websites” out there with tons of information, good advice, and links to so many further websites with tons of information, good advice, and links to…  So which one(s) to pick when there are only 24 hours in the day and ideally you also want to get some of your own writing done?

When I started researching writers’ sites, I came across Wordplayer, run by Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio of, most notoriously, Pirates of the Caribbean fame. That was a wonderful introduction to writing for film. Over the years I have collected quite a few more, such as Writesofluid or Just Effing Entertain Me, Euroscript or (until a few years ago) TwelvePoint, where I not only learned tons of stuff but also met some of the most wonderful writer friends anyone could wish for.

But if I had to choose one and only one website that will eventually give me all the information I need, certainly for screenwriting, I’d go for Bang2Write, run by Lucy Hay who is one of the organizers of the London Screenwriters Festival.

I say eventually because although Lucy is an absolute treasure trove of knowledge both about the biz and about the craft of writing, she does not of course have all the advice for everything on her site. But I think she has a link for just about everything. Worth every click.


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