All-time Favourite Book

#wpad blog challenge, day 23.

What is an “all-time favourite book”? I’d say it’s one that you can take out again and again over the years and always enjoy dipping into. I don’t really have one and one only but if you put a gun to my head I would have to say it’s


Last Chance to See

by Douglas Adams and Mark Cawardine

I came across this many years ago, and it was one of a few encounters that pushed me towards environmentalism. Adams wraps his usual quirkiness around amazing stories about the endangered beauty of wildlife on this planet. You will laugh out loud one moment and experience profound sadness next.

This was also made into a BBC series a few years ago with Stephen Fry and Mark Cawardine – definitely worth seeing but the book is even better.

I will probably post more about my shortlist of favourites sometimes next month, but for now it’s over to you. Do you have an all-time favourite book? And really, only ONE please!


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