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#wpad blog challenge, day 27.

See this month’s challenge #8,  a day in the life of me: ahem, who cares? I mean, I have to put my profile out there for marketing purposes and all that but blog about me? But okay, just a few words.

I’m a lawyer by training but really only did that to please my parents – wrong career choice for the wrong reason. I’ll have to admit it taught me to analyse and to write in a concise style (at least that’s how were taught to write at university – when legal lingo is unintelligible, it is because lawyers don’t want you to understand!) About twelve years ago I decided I’d had enough and went into business theatre and entertraining where I was introduced to writing and staging Murder Mysteries © – and that was when I discovered that I love to tell stories. I’ve since worked in publications and, due to job necessities but quite happily so, in school administration.

I’ve always been active in the theatre, on stage and behind the scenes. Acting has helped me know when dialogue is good (note that I don’t say it taught me to write good dialogue – but it helps), and as a director I discovered that trying to make a vision of a play come to life and crafting a story have a lot in common.

When I am not fulfilling the demands of two teenage daughters and a cat – my husband is thankfully self-sufficient – I try to write as much as possible. Last year, I also took up postgraduate studies of Environmental Management.

Enough? Enough.

PS I am on holiday and have pre-scheduled this so I won’t respond to any comments until late August.


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