Marketing Strategy

#wpad blog challenge, day 28.

Who, me?

Seriously, I wish I had one. So just a few thoughts based on what I’ve gathered from others much more versed in this:

Online Presence

Seems that this is something no writer can afford not to have. Well, perhaps someone like J.K. Rowling could. But all the established ones do, anyway.

So you have to blog, tweet (but please make it interesting and instructive – if you can’t, retweet somebody else’s instructive tweets but spare us details about the consistency of your breakfast egg). Maintain a facebook author page (note to self: make facebook author page and maintain.) Secure a domain with your name. Be recognizable – don’t hide behind an alias or fancy pen name (there are, of course, successful exceptions to this).

Be out there. And be generous – if you consistently promote others in a useful and appropriate way, good things will come back to you.

When you have a specific piece of work to market – a novel, a script, a collection of poems:

Polish Your Story and Know Your Pitch

First, whatever you’ve written must be the best it can possibly be before you offer it to the world (i.e. an agent, publisher or producer). That means have it read by a professional and incorporate their feedback.

Then, you must know who best to pitch it to, i.e. you must know the market for this kind of story and/or format. It should be obvious that you don’t offer a spy story to a publisher specializing in chick lit. And once you have identified who to pitch to, know your USP, come up with a pithy summary (loglines are excellent practise) and rehearse pitching that until you can recite it backwards in your sleep.

For further information, check out the professionals. Seth Godin and Copyblogger are very good places to start, not to forget Bang2Write.

PS I am on holiday and have pre-scheduled this so I won’t respond to any comments until late August.


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