My Current Project

#wpad blog challenge, day 30.

I will keep this short and sweet. It is a project very dear to my heart, and while recently my screenwriting has taken over again, this is one I will not give up on.

Many years ago, an uncle of mine introduced me to the Minnesota Boundary Waters Canoe Area. It is a magical place, and I fell deeply in love with it. There are many wild places still on this planet, and so many of them are threatened – by oil drilling, fracking, tar sands pipeline, in short, by human greed. I hope the BWCA will remain safe.

By taking me canoeing, my uncle gave me a wonderful gift, one that will last a lifetime. He was also the first to encourage me to write when I confided in him that I did not want to be a lawyer any more, and he told me I had to be creative and would one day find a way to make a living of this.

So I drafted a novel set in the Twin Cities and in the Boundary Waters. The action plot involves environmental crime, and the emotional plot involves some romance and a lot of emotional healing – for that is what this place has done for me, as has my uncle.  The draft sat in my drawer for quite a few years as I felt it lacked something; then a few months ago I suddenly knew what I had to add to make it interesting (that was the environmental crime bit). So I took it out again and started re-plotting and re-writing and am quite happy with the results so far.

Sadly, though, my uncle passed away a month ago, far too young and totally unexpectedly. I miss him greatly. I will finish this novel for him.

PS I am on holiday and have pre-scheduled this so I won’t respond to any comments until late August.



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2 responses to “My Current Project

  1. Sounds like an interesting background and you’ve got the perfect extra motivation to finish the story. Hope to read it one day!

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