About… Me

A lawyer by training but storyteller at heart, I have worked as an attorney, in business theatre, Murder Mystery© productions and publications. I write in English and German but with a strong preference for English. There are several prose oeuvres (mostly of the short story or novella variety) floating around on my hard disk but my true passion is screenwriting. I love big stories that appeal to deep, universal emotions or whisk you away on a two-hour romp. Preferably both.

My aim is to create stories that not only offer good entertainment but also give the audience something to think about, such as the state of our planet (did I mention I like big stories?) or questions of justice, whether on an individual or society level.

About… My Favourite Authors

William Shakespeare
Ursula K. LeGuin
Mark Twain
Jorge Luis Borges

About… My Favourite Movies

In no particular order of appearance and subject to change (except for the first two):

Local Hero
American Beauty
Girl With a Pearl Earring
Shakespeare in Love
Milou en Mai
One, Two, Three
The Big Lebowski
Dogs Have No Hell (from the “Ten Minutes Older” shorts collection)
The Usual Suspects

Contact vera.kristin@gmail.com


2 responses to “About…

  1. Hi Vera, looks like you’re gradually gathering pace, July 2013 ! Looking forward to reading more of your stories … I’ve added you to my links -> friends …

    Keep in touch …


    Don Charisma

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