Short film shot in 2010 based on a script I wrote.


Feature film script; finished screenplay (spec)

Venice, 1434. 60 years before Christopher Columbus sets sail to the Americas, a poor young rope-maker comes into possession of a Chinese map that opens the fabled sea route to India, around the southern tip of Africa. He sees his chance to escape poverty and follow his high-flying dreams, but an unscrupulous merchant learns of the map and will stop at nothing to get it. In the ensuing action, the young rope-maker entertains a fling with the antagonist’s wife; finds unexpected and unusual allies; and gets framed for murder. It turns out that hero and villain are linked by a dark past…

“Routes to Riches” is an action / adventure story with a dark touch, the story of a young man faced with the choice between getting rich and doing the right thing.


Feature film script; in the works (spec)

“A Confession of Pain” is a revenge story set at the turn of the 22nd century in a world where women have become rare as a consequence of biotechnology gone wrong. The film’s heroine is driven by a burning desire to avenge herself and the children she believes to have been killed. Nearly broken by the loss, she has remade herself into a high-class courtesan, a powerful player in a society ruled by too much male sexual energy paired with the fear of extinction of the species. She employs her beauty, her intelligence and the power of her deep pain to bring down the people she holds responsible for her children’s deaths, not knowing that in doing so she risks losing the one shot at happiness she still has.

This dystopian drama taps into some highly topical environmental concerns (GM food: risk vs. necessity), but the underlying theme is timeless: all human life is precious.

For further information about the spec projects please e-mail


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